Child Empathy Foundation (CEF) is an independent, nongovernmental, nonpolitical, and nonprofit institution. It includes enthusiastic volunteers. Its activities began on April 2010, with the aim of supporting poor children, street kids, orphans, children with improper care, and children subject to social damages

Regardless of ethnicity, nationality and religion, the foundation honors human dignity by focusing on empowerment and self-reliance of individuals instead of just giving money to the poor families

In this regards it works in three areas of Treatment, education, training and believes that saving even one child is something very important and valuable

This Foundation tries to increase its efficiency and effectiveness to aid needy children, through collaboration with various institutions and utilization of existing capacity



Since the establishment, Child Empathy Foundation has treated more than 270 needy patient children, until the end of the third quarter of 1390: Jan.2012

These children are under the medical support of domestic and foreign volunteer doctors, medical centers and related institutions

Some of the activities of Foundation’s Treatment committee are as follows

Operation of more than 70 children in the fields of cardiology, surgical restoration, orthopedics, ear, eye and general practice

Examination and treatment of more than 200 children in various medical fields

Providing Treatment services such as radiology, laboratory, physiotherapy and medicine supplies, eyeglasses, hearing aids and other essential equipments

Providing financial public assistance for children's heart surgery and assistance of medical helpers for supporting children with diseases with long-term costs

Create a network of volunteer Doctors to treat needy children in Neurology, eyes, Cardiology etc



In order to build a better future for needy children, Child Empathy Foundation has planned to promote knowledge and awareness of children deprived of education

In collaboration with various institutions, since the establishment of Foundation until the end of the third quarter of 1390 (Jan.2012), it has supported around 300 needy children and youngsters in education field

Some of the activities of Foundation’s Education committee are as follows

More than 200 needy children have been returned to school by Foundation, due to tuition payment or registration in self-managing schools

Designing and holding of intensive training courses to help children deprived of education, according to their age

Development of reading and writing plan for children with specific conditions For more than 80 children damaged by society

Create a network of volunteers to teach needy children and youngsters

Identification of Education helpers to support students who are at risk of dropout

Collaboration with other institutions to establish a training center in 18th region of Tehran, to support 300 children who dropped out For the academic year 91 -92



In order to empower needy youngster clients, Child Empathy Foundation attempts to provide opportunities for them to learn vocational skills and to achieve proper jobs. This is done through identification of technical and vocational training potential in various centers and organizations and collaboration with them

Some of the activities of Foundation’s training committee are as follows

Introducing a number of talented youngsters to the training center of Iran Khodro Industrial Group to learn welding course and to take a certificate

Introducing a number of talented youngsters to the technical and vocational training center   to learn various repair courses and to take an international certificate

Holding social skills courses and technical and vocational courses in parallel with each other

Designing Job skills training package : Job training

Create a network of trainers for life skills training courses

To help trainees to find jobs commensurate with their skills



Account numbers of Child Empathy Foundation For public assistance

Melli Bank

Bank Branch Code: 2001; Account number: 0107529906008; Card number: 6037991303680163


Parsian Bank

Bank Branch Code 1004; Account number: 80001054323003; Card number: 6221061033794720